elle Vintage Pom Poms and Fur Accessories

Never Stop Creating and Dreaming

I love to repurpose vintage fur into beautiful, useful and loveable treasures. What better way to respect and extend its extraordinary beauty and spirit.

I make detachable knit hat pom poms, earmuffs, pillow covers and teddy bears.

Not wanting to waste the smallest of pieces, I also make fur jewelry and key chain purse charms.

I also offer faux fur versions of my handmade real fur items; in my detachable pom pom, earmuff, pillow cover and teddy bear lines.

My hand-knit hats are warm and comfortable, in classic designs and a variety of colors.

I will do my best to fill any custom order, so if you have a special idea, hit me up and I'll make it happen!

elle Desjardins

I have always been a slave to everything vintage -- from music and clothing, to jewelry and art. I love the "old days," and the painstaking care that was put into the craft of every art.

I founded elle Vintage in 2012, during my career in the legal marketing field. elle Vintage began as a passion that I indulged in, in my off-hours with my Etsy shop. 

As my sales grew, I found myself more invested in my true passion. In 2015, I left the legal world behind and I have been all about elle Vintage, all the time, devoting myself to my art and my thousands of happy customers!

I am a painter, graphic artist, barber, seamstress and general jack-of-all-trades.

I love this work.

Magical Transformations

Recycle - Renew - Revive!

Vintage Fur. Let's breathe new life into beautiful, unique treasures from the past.

All of my handmade real fur pom poms, teddy bears and fur accessories are made from vintage fur coats that have, for the most part, been around longer than most of us have been around. 

They are a resource going to waste unless someone uses them. I work tirelessly, skillfully, passionately and lovingly, to transform this resource into works of art that you will treasure for many more years to come.

Visit often -- I usually list new treasures every single day!